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DoD rides the wave of change in social media to communicate more effectively April 30, 2009

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US DoD Launches Social Media Hub and New Policy
Check out http://socialmedia.defense.gov

At the AFEI Change Management conference in Washington, DC, two Department of Defense officials at the forefront of social networking gave insights on the impact of this technology on the traditionally “comand-and-control” organization.

Dave Wennergren, Deputy CIO, DoD and Vice Chairman, Federal CIO Council, offered ten cultural change ideas for organizations contemplating new projects:

10. Ride the wave of change happening in society. Take advantage of technologies such as Service Oriented Enterprise, Web 2.0, and Cloud Computing.
9. Move with speed because time is your ennemy
8. Learn to manage challenge polariy. For example, how to balance Information Security versus Information Availability. Should you think of it as Secured Information Sharing?
7. Status quo can’t get a bye. Start from a new proposition and set aside small funding for experimentation. Surveys show that small IT project have a 34% success rate versus 1% for projects over $10M.
6. Tell the story behind the change simply and effectively to counteract the status quo story.
5. Leverage the power of teams (not just inside your organization – use social networking)
4. Describe your objectives in a meaningful way that everyone will relate to
3. Be a learning organization and cater to the Net generation
2. Embrace transparency to develop trust
1. Remember that it is all about each other. Leaders will get the behaviour they exhibit.

Also in attendance at the conference was Jack Holt, Senior Strategist for Emerging Media DoD/DMA (@jack_holt). In this exclusive video interview, Jack shared a couple of annecdotes about the use of Social Media at the DoD.

There will be much more to come from the DoD in this field and one good place to watch it all unfold is in their official blog DODlive at http://www.dodlive.mil/.


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