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FlightGlobal Burries Great Boeing vs Airbus Infographics July 15, 2014

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In the first edition of the Flight Daily News at Farnborough 2014, Flight Global published two great infographics depicting the order book race between Boeing and Airbus in terms of the A320neo vs 737Max and the A350 vs the 787. You can click on the images below to see a larger version.

320-737 infograph 787-350 infograph

I hope you’ll agree that these depictions sum up all the information in a very concise (and beautiful way). I am just surprised that Flight Global is not using these graphics more. They should have been:

  1. Prominently featured in the online Flight Global Farnborough Coverage. This information is nowhere to be found. There is not even a link to the online version of the Flight Daily News.
  2. Sent over Twitter as the Boeing vs Airbus battle was the highest trending subject at the show.
  3. Used to update the order tracking during the show. Flight Global did provide a fully detailed order tracker (by registration only) but these infographics would be a perfect tease to get reader to sign-up.

The lesson here is that regardless of if you are a news organization or a company, you should have another set of eyes watch the content being produced in your organization and have this “digital media manager” fan the flames of your online presence with great content such as this.

Do you agree? Did you notice any other missed opportunities with news coming out of the Farnborough Air Show?



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